MY Entertainment’s One Foot Forward teams with Unrealistic Ideas, Sugar23 for premium projects

April 28, 2021

New York-headquartered MY Entertainment has unveiled several initial content deals on Tuesday (April 27) for One Foot Forward, its new producing arm for premium non-scripted content, overseen by MY Entertainment COO and EP Joe Townley.

These initial partners include Academy Award winner Michael Sugar‘s Sugar23, for Pellicano, a documentary film about Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano.One Foot Forward will also work with Mark Wahlberg, Archie Gips and Stephen Levinson’s Unrealistic Ideas to develop Milk Carton Kids. This documentary series will tell the stories of children who went missing, had their photos put on milk cartons, and were eventually returned safely to their families.One Foot Forward is also teaming with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Jeremiah Crowell on Russian Roulette, co-produced by Xpedition. This series is about how an escort posting an Instagram photo of her billionaire client opened the door to a multi-national scandal pointing towards Russian collusion in American politics.More planned content for One Foot Forward includes Comedy Docs, a series of 30 for 30-style comedic documentaries, executive produced by Emmy and Tony Award-winning writer Alan Zweibel; Marge Schott, a documentary directed by Emmy-winning Paul Pawlowski about the first woman to own a Major League Baseball team, and the first to take a team to the World Series; and Happiness Project, a series with Scout Productions about Harvard University’s popular happiness-based course.“From an international scam to issues of race, political controversy and the pursuit of human happiness, these riveting, ripped from the headlines stories are driven by access to the key players involved,” said One Foot Forward head of development Joanna Zwickel.Other announced partners that One Foot Forward will work with include Laurent Bouzerau from Netflix’s Five Came Back, and Dave Check from ESPN 30 for 30′s Brothers in Exile.The production arm also announced an agreement for the exclusive multimedia rights to Anything For a Hit: An A&R Woman’s Story of Surviving the Music Industry by Dorothy Carvello. The book is a tell-all about toxic work culture in the music business, and was critically acclaimed by The New York Times.

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