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ghost adventures live

Ghost Adventures Crew – Zak, Nick and Aaron – lock themselves overnight in one of America’s most haunted locations – The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – for the most ambitious LIVE-broadcast paranormal investigation ever attempted.

For 7 hours, the Ghost Adventure crew has unprecedented access to the entire asylum, from the seclusion cells where the most violent patients were shackled, to the Medical Center where primitive ‘ice-pick’ lobotomies were performed by the hundreds.

As always, the crew is padlocked inside the facility, unable to escape as they record their experiences.  To aid in their investigations, they can call on help from EVP recording specialists Mark and Debbie Constantino, medium Chris Fleming, and the hi-tech spirit-detecting systems of Bill Chappell. 

Three lucky fans join the crew on their hunt – through the midnight hour – if they dare.Viewers at home have complete access to the investigation as it occurs, monitoring fixed webcams throughout the building and chatting online with the team while they’re still locked down. They can also send e-mails, IMs and faxes to the GA crew, sharing what they see and offering guidance to the Crew.

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