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Over the years, New York-based MyEntertainment has built working relationships with numerous overseas producers, spanning South Korea, Scandinavia, Spain, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Poland.

This isn't the traditional route for man US producers who, with the world's largest TV market in their backyard, tend to be largely, if not exclusively focused on serving their domestic audience.

However, rights ownership for US producers still pales in comparison to those enjoyed in markets like the UK, meaning MyEntertainment has been keen to foster international connections as a way to keep hold of more rights. It's a strategy that offers international producers a route into the US market, with the added bonus of allowing MyEntertainment to own more intellectual property in the global market.

MyEntertainment has bi-weekly calls with over a dozen international producers, during which they share key insights into what the US networks are looking for and discuss how they might collaborate to serve them and further fund development.

MyEntertainment has co-created, developed, and funded the development of original content with over 40 companies in 15 countries. One such program is Pregnant & Platonic, which MyEntertainment co-developed with Israel's Gil Formats, making it an Israeli / US co-developed and co-owned original format that has been broadcast on both BBC2 in the UK and Nelonen in Finland.

Co-productions with Back2Back and UK-TV have several series also currently airing.

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