MY Entertainment, Yolanda McClary Pen Production Deal

Michael Yudin’s New York-based prodco MY Entertainment has penned an exclusive development and production deal with crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary. Under the deal, MY Entertainment will provide financial support to the development and marketing of all McClary’s television projects.

The first project to emerge from the deal is the true crime series He’s Still Out There, which will examine the unsolved murder of Theresa Insana, who was strangled to death in her Las Vegas home before being dumped in a drainage area.

The series will look to utilize bleeding-edge technologies, including DNA phenotyping technology, capable of creating a near exact photo of a person’s physical appearance, to bring Insana’s mysterious killer to justice 14 years later.

Also in development is Crime Scene Horror Story. The series will feature McClary, who spent 26 years working as a forensic specialist for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), as she demonstrates her ability to read a crime scene and, by extension, a killer’s mindset and motives.

McClary has worked on more than 7,000 crime scenes across her career with the LVMPD. She had previously served as a presenter over three seasons on the Dick Wolf-produced true crime series Cold Justice, which had previously aired on TNT, and has been on Oxygen since February 2017.

While working as a senior crime-scene analyst, McClary served as the inspiration for Catherine Willows, the character portrayed by Marg Helgenberger on the CBS procedural forensics crime drama series CSI.

“Yolanda is a proven true-crime brand, with a personality that resonates with audiences around the world,” said MY Entertainment’s Yudin in a statement. “Few people have her incredible insider knowledge of crime — and even fewer have her storytelling powers. The combination is solid gold in terms of true-crime content. With everything she does, Yolanda demonstrates her deep commitment not only to solving cases, but to giving a voice to those victims of crime who have been silenced for too long.”