MY Entertainment Wants Crime to Pay for New Slate

As it looks to where the action is in drama, New York-based factual production specialist MY Entertainment has announced a slate of talent-driven development properties centering on crime.

Heading the new development slate is a high concept co-production with Zak Bagans Entertainment, offering a new perspective on 60’s killer and cult leader Charles Manson. The project came about after securing exclusive access to Charles Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, who is on a quest to meet his 82-year-old grandfather before he dies in a Californian prison cell.

In another exclusive-access deal, MY Entertainment is to build on the one-hour non-fiction docu-series Las Vegas Law on Discovery ID, which offers an insight into the inner workings of the Clark County District Attorney’s office. The deal will give MY Entertainment access to the gruelling training needed to turn raw recruits into the next generation of police officers. Training Day: North Las Vegas is the real story of what recruits, their families.

In a development deal with Randy Sutton, MY Entertainment will present a one-hour series that will explore not only law-enforcement agents’ personal experiences, but will also at the police’s involvement in some of the seminal cultural moments and criminal investigations in the US.

Commenting on the deal, MY Entertainment CEO Michael Yudin, said: “These deals put us front and centre of the real-life crime genre … Zak’s retelling of the events through the eyes of his grandson will offer a genuinely new take on a tale that has lost none of its appalling fascination. Meanwhile, the development deals with the North Las Vegas Police Department and Randy Sutton are a tribute to our reputation for telling the human story, and access of US law-enforcement services with sensitivity, respect and honesty.”