My Entertainment to Exercise Power

US production company My Entertainment has partnered with South Korean broadcaster SBS to develop a social experiment format for international distribution.

The Power is being developed by Michael Yudin’s firm with SBS and Critical Density Media and aims to spotlight society’s relationship with money, class, social status and power.

SBS aired a pilot of the series in July last year and it was recently nominated for a Rockie Award at the Banff World Media Festival.
The series is slated to air in South Korea in early 2018 and My Entertainment will now develop the format for the US and western markets.

The format tests how people, regardless of their background or wealth, behave when granted absolute power to make decisions that affect everyone around them.

David Auerbach, My Entertainment’s senior VP, said: “Our strategy to develop new formats with international partners has started to yield impressive results and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a respected and successful broadcaster like SBS.
“The creative collaboration to develop a very timely social experiment/format designed to work across multiple cultures has been exhilarating.”