Aussie, French Prodcos Get Pregnant

Tel Aviv-based sales firm Gil Formats has sold its fact-ent format Pregnant & Platonic to production companies in Australia and France. Aussie producer Eureka Productions and French studio Ah! have signed on to produce the social experiment format in their respective territories.

The series chronicles the lives of men and women looking to birth a child without becoming romantically involved. Cameras will follow selected participants – hand-selected for them by a team of experts – over the course of a year as they face the challenges of becoming a co-parent. Each story will hopefully culminate with a child being born.

Co-developed by Gil Formats and New York’s MY Entertainment, the format was inspired by the personal experience of Gil Formats CEO Assaf Gil who had his first child in 2016 with a co-parent.

The format has now been taken on in six territories, including the UK, Spain, Sweden and Germany.