MY Entertainment Teams Up with Style Icon Tyson Chandler

New York-based independent production company MY Entertainment is teaming up with NBA All-Star and style icon Tyson Chandler (pictured) to develop a new reality television series taking viewers behind-the-scenes into the exciting world of fashion in sports.

Chandler, whose style off the court has landed him in the pages of top fashion magazines and front row at designer fashion shows, will serve as an executive producer and make appearances on the show, which will focus on his design stylist and fashion consultant, Browne Andrews.

In the series, Andrews will take viewers into his inner circle of top stylists to provide an up-close and inside look at the high pressures of keeping their NBA clients in the fashion spotlight.

“An NBA World Champion and consistently named one of the league’s most fashionable players, Tyson Chandler is the perfect partner for this show,” said Michael Yudin, president of MY Entertainment, in a statement. “The entrance and exit to games has become a virtual runway for NBA stars. We are thrilled to work with Tyson and influential stylist and fashion director, Browne Andrews to bring people into the exciting, fast paced and high-pressure world of top stylists trying to deliver a fashion win for their superstar clients.”

Joe Townley, COO at MY Entertainment, and David Auerbach, SVP at MY Entertainment, will serve as executive producers for the show along with Chandler.